Marketing Stories | A Recent Trend

Marketing nowadays is not like before, many companies had started to go for Content Marketing due to its high efficiency and success.

Marketing Stories | A Recent Trend

Marketing nowadays is not like before, many companies had started to go for Content Marketing due to its high efficiency and success, but many other International Brands are now working on people’s emotions as we may have seen lately in many Advertisements. it is no longer just a Product Advertisement, actually it is a Short Real Life scene with a message that teach you a lesson and makes you interact with it as if it is a Real Story and sometimes you might end up crying either of joy or of sorrow which means that the story really touched your heart and feelings, apparently it is the Best Way To Market your products because you Target People’s emotions which is one of the main factors that drive them to take the decision of Buying A Product, your ad. Is no longer music or a supermodel that people recognize once they hear or see; it is a Story People Interacted with and started Sharing On Social Media or even Talked About on their Daily Life Chats.

Here are some examples of advertisements that made a difference in some people’s way of thinking:

Heart-Touching-Commercial-My-dads-storyMetLife Hong Kong: My Dad’s Story 

MetLife here succeeded in showing you the life of a single dad with his daughter and how she sees him as a hero while deep down she knows how much he suffers, it wasn’t a direct message for you to go buy a product or call MetLife for any insurance service, but it made you think of how your kids might be thinking of you.


8-1-adsMOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore: TEACH 

As you can see here, MOE is not a service or a product company, it is not even a company but still they need to sell an idea or in another words they need to change a behavior and they decided to do it through a TV advertisement for their employees –teachers-. As a teacher you will start thinking differently and your working day will not be the same after seeing this ad, you will know how important is your student’s success, you will start to be the teacher in the advertisement to get a loyal life time student as the one in the ad.


10181_mainVizer CCTV: Homeless Blind Truth 

For sure you have met this homeless guy while scrolling down your Facebook home page and cried for him at the end of the video, the message here is so strong and important though the advertisement wasn’t directly showing you how Vizer CCTVs are different or better than any other brand, but it built an image in your unconscious mind that will make you buy this specific brand and not others if you were in need for a CCTV.


sainsburys_mogs_christmas_calamitySainsbury: Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Mog is a cat that surprised you with its story in this 3 and a half minutes video, you were scared for Mog at the beginning, then you felt sad for the family, and unconsciously you smiled at the end. That’s how Sainsbury worked on your emotions on their last Christmas advertisement.


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