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People most of the time first experiences of everything are objectively perceived the best. However, this is not a rule, but people are always fooled into thinking that the past was perfect, which is not always true.

Nostalgia thoughts are becoming more intensive especially when people are facing hard times or situations like for example economic recessions, revolutions or even wars (what the entire world is facing now).

At those times, people tend to remember old days and compare them to today and they feel how beautiful those days were!

Marketers are always making a good use of each single opportunity and have used nostalgia to build successful strategies by using the sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and sometimes smells of yesterday to market and sell the product of today.

In the Egyptian market, some marketers started to make good use of the past, like for Example Kheir Zaman super market, they used a name in which customers will associate with the high quality, blessing and cheap price, or in other words call it “the past”.

Another example, is “Sahebet El Saada” the TV show presented by Esaad Younis, this show focus on all the sweet memories and nostalgia thoughts of what sociologists called “Peaceful 80s”, that brings back to audience good memories of the past leaving today’s negative news, events and politics.

In the western market, where nostalgia market concept was born, a lot of brands used the nostalgia marketing, helping in them in increasing their sales and strengthening their brands.

Chanel had used the beauty icon Marlene Monroe in one of its latest perfume advertising campaign, resulted in a tremendous increase in sales of the advertised perfume.

Also Ghirardelli one of the largest chocolate companies in USA established in 1852, in order to increase their sales by using nostalgia marketing, they decided to use machines which create some defects while cutting the chocolate bars!!!

Yes, what you read is true, in the past chocolates were cut manually by workers rather than computerized machines, in a way that they were not sharply cut as if they were cut by machines.

That made people feel that the chocolate bars where like those of the past, like the one they used to share with grandparents and old friends in their old neighborhood where everything was good, quite and meaningful.

Now, how can you make a good use of your nostalgia marketing in your business?? Think about it!



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Mr. Sherif Rashwan

November 11, 2015
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